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Beekeeper’s Journey - Miel N-Bee Honey

There’s a real ‘buzz’ on here. See, touch, and hear the hard-working honeybees under the watchful eye of your experienced beekeeper guide. Understand their complex social structure and learn how these busy bees help farmers worldwide to nurture their crops and sustain our environment. We speak English and French.

You can choose between 2 options :


1) (for everybody) Visit of the HoneyHouse / Exploration Center :

Living observation hives (closed with Security transparent glasses) will welcome you in order to admire bees activities like fishes in an aquarium. While watching video documentaries playing in our 2 wall screens (one of which is related to a camera diving inside a hive to explore the marvellous BeesWorld), an experienced professional will show and explain you the different parts of a hive… as well as answering your questions.


2) (for willing people) Visit of the Honey Field, out of the HoneyHouse :

Put on your special veil, suit and gloves and follow us to the Honey Field, in the Natural Bees Habitat. Surrounded by hundreds of buzzing bees, you will help us safely to get out frames from a hive. A sole experience that will help you to understand better why Humans and Bees are involved in the same Natural treasures sharing. Back to the Center, feel free to ask any question related to your recent experience of beekeeping… while you are extracting your own golden and delicious honey, ready-to-eat.

Thanks to this direct journey to the center of the Hive, you will go back home with a really improved knowledge of Honeybees World. By the way, our HoneyHouse Shop will enable you to leave us with a good souvenir of that amazing day : from specialized books dealing with Beekeeping to different "Home-made" NB honeys (blueberries, buckwheat, mixed local flowers, creamous honey…) or other products in relation with Bees World (pollen, wax, wines…).


Guided Tours require a reservation. The HoneyHouse is open from the beginning of June to the end of August.


Contact Eric Neil at 506-684-2872

280, Craig road
E8E 2J7